As a professor of rhetoric and writing, I am deeply committed to better understanding the ways in which language makes our worlds and our lives make sense, which also means working with students to better understand the words, phrase, images, metaphors, etc that shape their lives.  In each of our endeavors, we ultimately search for meaning, for understanding: what does it mean to be me? what does it mean to be you? what does it mean to live in this country and this moment in history? what other options exist for being, for thinking, for doing?

In the courses I teach, I work to bring these larger questions to the fore in order to look at texts, variously configured as print, digital, and visual, and to think through the ways that our experiences with the world and ourselves are ultimately shaped by text(s).  It excites me that so many students have come on this journey with me and have, from time to time, found the exploration as exciting as I have.